Koke & Zoom

Sunday 2nd June, 6 - 8pm
CAZ Basement, The Exchange, Penzance
TR18 2NL, Free entry & refreshments


You are cordially invited to join artist duo Yoke and Zoom and their guest Mike O'Connor, storyteller, musician, bard of Gorseth Kernow, and winner of the Henwood Medal of the Royal Institute of Cornwall for an evening of story telling, music, academic discussion and performative re-interpretation of the ancient Cornish myth of 'Nancy Trewier'. Alongside the telling of the tale the artists will also present an incident room installation detailing evidence exploring the myths veracity. This project was produced as an extension of Yoke and Zooms interest in myth and magic and particularly their work with four leaf clovers. Yoke and Zoom have found, grown, picked, pressed and distributed four-leaf clovers internationally since 1999. 

This project has opened up a conversation between artists, wise women, experts on Cornish myth and legend and local people using the tale of 'Nancy Trewier' as an entry point for the discussions.


Yoke and Zoom are Nina Coulson and Alexander Johnson. Their practice is produced in a self-directed, situationist manner and involves collection and re-distribution, restoration and re-appropriation of everyday objects, drawing and painting, film-making and food-sharing. Yoke and Zoom encourage communality and explore rituals, survivalism, counter cultures, mobile architecture, and alternative living systems. Artworks are intermittently woven with folklore, myth and magic. Yoke and Zoom incorporate family, play, sharing, rootedness and mobility into their work. www.yokeandzoom.com

Mike O'Connor OBE and bard of the Gorseth of Cornwall. In 2009 he was awarded the Henwood medal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall for leading researcher on Cornish instrumental music. He also writes for journals and popular magazines on subjects relating to folklore. Mike has worked as a musician since the 1970s and as a story teller since the 1990s. He has worked for English Heritage,and the Forestry Commission and has made many recordings and radio broadcasts. www.lyngham.co.uk/mike_oconnor.html

Gorseth Kernow exists to maintain the national Celtic spirit of Cornwall, to promote the study of Cornish literature, art, music and history, and the Cornish language itself. To maintain and nurture links with other Celtic cultures and to provide a forum and encouragement to all who work to further these aims. www.gorsethkernow.org.uk

Form more info: info@cazart.org.uk www.cazart.org.uk

This project is curated by Rebecca Weeks on behalf of CAZ

  *WEEKENDER* is designed to offer a realistic option for artists who have full time jobs, children, and other obligations and responsibilities that normally make residencies problematic. WEEKENDER is a residency with an emphasis on non art contexts and is curated by Rebecca Weeks of CAZ

Yoke & Zoom