'Invigorate' funded by ALIAS
exchange gallery penzance - Curated by rebecca weeks, ian whitford, Paul Carter & alexandra zierle
Collectively over the course of 'Invigorate' we explored a series of provocative questions as artists and curators: Why have we formed artist led projects? How do activist and educational strategies relate to artistic practice today? How do we as artists understand community? How and why do we choose to collaborate?

'Invigorate' was designed to activate a critical think-tank around issues of production, organisation and community. Our research led us to consider texts such as Michel Foucault’s ‘What is an Author?’ and Walter Benjamin’s ‘The Author as Producer’ and to begin to deconstruct our situation in relation to the role of the artist/producer and our relation to audiences, resources and galleries.

By bringing together an identified group of local ALIAS artists to share their experiences with invitees and interested professionals working in Cornwall, we aspired to build on our collective experience and knowledge and to identify possible ways we can continue to expand the scope for artist led projects in Cornwall.

'Invigorate' consisted of several phases: the collective exhibition of documentation of recent past projects, a showcase for current collaborative work, artists talks, and a symposium where invited speakers gave presentations about their artist led projects and the discussion was opened to the audience to explore art & activism, community, commissioning, self - organisation and information exchange.

  'Invigorate' - Selected images          
  rebecca weeks   steven paige   cornwall art  projects   chantel brooks and stephanie  
  clarissa beothy   chantel Brooks and stephanie boon 2   expectancy theory 1   expectancy theory 1  
  expectancy theory 2   Veronica vickory   delpha hudson and andy whall   delpha hudson and andy whall  
  delpha hudson and andy whall   invigorate - seminar   Mary fletcher   chantel brooks and stephanie boon 3  
'Invigorate' succeeded in bringing together artists networks and in generating further collaborations and ongoing dialogues in terms of making work and in terms of further attempts to engage critically with our particular context as artists in Cornwall.

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